Broker Accounts for Property Managers

Are you a property Brokers.  Using our system and your property management expertise, will bring a wealth of functionality to your clients.

We are now able to offer a Brokers option to companies who would like to use our services for their customers while maintaining full control of the booking environment.

Register as a Broker

How it works
With your brokers account, you get to create and add Booking Wizard accounts (sub accounts) to your portfolio.  These sub accounts are the same as a normal user account, except that you do all the administration of the accounts while your client can concentrate on controlling their bookings.

You can host the administration login on your website, this keeps your clients returning to your site on a regular basis.  Alternatively you can host the administration login on your customers site, the choice is yours.

Why a broker account?
A broker account also allows you to host a parent website which has many sub accounts attached.  Therefore each of your customers can control their own sub part of the system, access bookings and make changes for thir own property, whilst you remain in control of the full operation.

This is the ideal Broker Environment.



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