WordpressWordpress Extension

You can download the latest extension by clicking here, wp-booking-wizard-v1.2.zip

Please read our installation documentation below, but if you do have any problems then please contact us direct.

Installation is simple, you need to register first for your account and then  follow the following steps or refer to the documentation within the package.

If you do not want to register, but you want demonstrate the software, then use the following information:


Demo Account Information
Account ID:
Property codes:
(case sensitive)




Once you have successfully registered and activated your account using the link sent to your email, you can log in and configure your environment.

Login to your administration centre on our site 

Create Property Codes - (Add property codes to your account.  The names of the property codes can be any alpha-numeric word).

Define prices and responses - (Do this for each of your properties. Configure prices auto responders, extras etc.)
Now you can begin to add the widgets to your website.


Download the latest zip package of wp-booking-wizard-v1.2.zip
and save to a local folder

Either, extract the contents and upload `wp-booking-wizard.php` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory


choose the Wordpress -> Plugins -> Add New  -> Upload and browse to the wp-booking-wizard zip file.

Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

Now Configure:
Configure the plugin within the Settings -> Booking Wizard

Make the following settings:

    Language -> English, French ......

    AccountID : demoAccount  (or your own account id generated on registration)

    Calendar Layout : The orientation of the Booking Calendar Widget

    Class prefix : This aids styling and ensures there will be no naming conflict

    Frame borders : Yes (for debug).



Adding to your Content

You can add the widgets ti either your Posts or your Pages very simple.  Just use the syntax below to create each widget.   (Do not copy and past in case you paste html hidden codes into your document.)

For a booking calendar widget:
[[booking property,{propertycode},{css styles}]]

where: propertycode has been defined by you in your Calendar administration centre.

[[booking property,vista]]

or with some styling:
[[booking property,Vista,background-color:lightsteelblue;]]

For Availability widget:
[[booking availability,{css styles}]]

[[booking availability]]

or with some styling
[[booking availability;top:300px;background-color:yellow;]]

For administration widget:
[[booking administration,{css styles}]]

[[booking administration]]

or with some styling
[[booking administration,background-color:#dddddd;border:1px solid black;]]

 Save the text and now access the page/post from the main website.  Your widgets should appear in your content.